Cost Effective Landlord Eviction Representation

Our cost-effective $895.00 FLAT FEE for residential evictions for possession in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties. Under this FLAT FEE arrangement, we can: 

  • Review, draft and serve Three (3) Day Notice
  • Draft, file and serve Eviction Complaint
  • Draft and file Motion and Proposed Order for Clerk’s Default
  • Draft and file Non-Military Service Affidavit
  • Draft and file Motion and Proposed Order for Final Judgment
  • Draft and file Writ of Possession
  • Represent you in one court appearance if necessary

The attorney’s fee and cost of $895.00 applies to residential evictions for possession only.

ALL costs charged by the court for filing fees and summons issuance, as well as costs charged by the sheriff’s office for executing the Writ of Possession, ARE INCLUDED in our low $895.00 one-time flat fee.