Tenant Representation Pricing

We offer special pricing for our tenant clients depending on their issue.  Tenant situations can vary from client to client so we provide a free consultation to evaluate your individual case.  Marc Brown, P.A. provides hourly rates, payment plans, and limited representation tenants in certain situations.  The information below contains the fees for our tenant related services.

Tenant Document Preparation ($250.00)

1. Letter to Landlord for Failure to make necessary repairs/ notice to cease paying rent;

2. Notice of Failure to Return Security Deposit;

3. Notice to Landlord to Terminate Lease Agreement;

4. Response to Landlord's 7-Day Notice to Cure

Tenant Limited Legal Representation

1. Draft Emergency Motion to Stay Writ of Possession and Hearing if necessary ($500.00);

2. Draft Motion to Determine Rent and Answer and Affirmative Defenses ($350.00);

3. Attendance at Mediation ($250.00);

4. Attendance at Hearing ($250.00);

5. Attendance at Mediation and Final Hearing for Possession ($500.00)